The crazyness that is my family… 

I love my sister. She is absolutely insane and kinda freaks me out, but at the same time she is incredibly awesome and I wish I was like her. Once you have read this post you will know why.

I started out in a similar fashion in high school, tried to keep it up in the first courses of university…buuuut then it all went to hell. I now use one single pen (ballpoint) for everything (yes drawing too), no ruler at all, and I’m lucky if I even have different sections in my notebook (which is of any shitty quality that will take a pen) for different subjects, haha!

My spontaneous reaction is to just write, so it’s pretty much a total mess where I may have to guess the course from the content of the lecture notes (which somehow magically have dates at least!) because I plain forgot to put a title.

So I would probably benefit from learning one or two things from my crazy little sister… 😉


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